6th of semptember 2014 Artur Kozłowski memory plaque and gravestone show off

Hi everybody, everybody invite!
We are nearly ready to enjoy that special day. 
On 6th of september we want to show off Artur Conrad memoryplaque and gravestone.
Initial schedule for that day: 
9.00 - Mass - Kiltartan church, 
10.30- gravestone show off - Kiltartan cemetery
11.30 - memory plaque show off - Pollonora 10 ( cave entrance-Kiltartan, Corker B&B )
15.00 - Doolin meeting ( diving-depend of weather ), few pints in one of Doolin pubs.

View Pollonora 10 Cave - Kiltartan Co. Galway in a larger map

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